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Marketplace Solution

Unlock your project's full potential. Customisable, full featured marketplace tailored to suit the needs of any project.

Minting Solution

From concept to success - we provide personalised minting services to help bring your project's vision to life.

Airdrop Solution

Connect and reward your community by choosing our airdrop solution to expand your project's reach and strengthen your community.

Design Service

Visual excellence designed to impress - comprehensive web and graphic design services catering to every business, web3 and beyond.

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" They built us a custom sale website for our $Angels token sale. The website had all of the best details, like count down timers, multi stage WL and sale tabs all separate, a token reserve system that showed reserved and remaining tokens. They were quick to respond and adapt to any changes we needed. They're a truly impressive team of cool cats "

Angel Finance

" The team has been amazing. Created our Marketplace and frontend UI in a seamless process. Any bugs were fixed immediately as well as extra requests added with ease. A trusted service provider in the space would recommend. "


" They are a driving force within the space, providing invaluable tools for other projects within their own ecosystem. Their unparalleled support and assistance set them apart in the entire industry, making it impossible not to cherish the collaborative experience with Raggies. "


" Raggies helped WeirdOZ mint our WeirderOZ collection and the experience was amazing. We threw quite a few curveballs at them and they were able to adjust and work to accommodate our special circumstances. I learned that the Raggies team not only talk the talk but walk the walk. "

Team Getaways

" Top notch team and are true innovators in this space. If you're looking for a minting partner that will offer you dedication, innovation and ensure you a seamless minting experience then look no further. "

Team Getaways

" We have had the privilege of using their minting service for two small community mints and they both went flawlessly. They provide top notch service, affordable minting fees and CryptoRaggie was personally available during both mints to ensure any issues that might arise were resolved with lightning fast efficiency. Anyone looking for a minting partner would be crazy not to come to Raggies first for all of their needs. "

The Lurkers

Team Raggie


Being real blockchain enthusiasts and Cardano fans ourselves, we believe in fully harnessing the technological powers and explore ways to expand the usecases of blockchain technology in a decentralised future.



Co-Founder / Lead Developer

Full stack web3 developer, previously Solidity developer now focusing solely on Cardano. Initial blockchain experience was gained mainly through working with projects on EVM chains including Ethereum, Harmony and BSC. The mastermind behind all the coding innovations in this project.



Artist / Co-Founder / Co-Developer

Artist and designer by training, Crafter has spent many years undertaking major commercial design projects for international entertainment and production companies. All the design work in our project come from this single pair of hands!



Outreach Manager

New to the CNFT-verse, Butler's natural sense of curiosity and love for learning brought him from the fiat mines of corporate sales and marketing to CryptoRaggies, enriching the project with fresh perspectives as we prepare blockchain technology for mass adoption.